Please read these terms carefully before making a deposit or payment.

These are the terms under which we offer travel services and consulting. The purchase of any travel services offered by CEDEZ TRAVEL AGENCY constitutes a contractual arrangement between the Client and CEDEZ TRAVEL AGENCY and represents the Client’s acceptance of the CEDEZ TRAVEL AGENCY’S Terms & Conditions set out herein. There may be additional terms (“Supplemental Terms”) based on your travel package and will apply in addition to our terms and conditions. A “Supplier” is defined as any tour operator, transfer company, airline, cruise line, hotel, excursion operators and/or other travel service providers involved in your travel booking.


Our agency is an intermediary between the Suppliers and the public and is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any travel service provider or of any third party. Cedez Travel Agency does not own or operate any: hotels, shore excursions, tours, transportation providers, cruise lines, vessels, airlines, travel protection companies, attractions, or other travel-related Suppliers who provide goods or services for the Passenger(s)’ trip. Passenger(s) acknowledge and agree that Cedez Travel Agency is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, or damage to person or property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from, but not limited to, illness, disease, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, acts of God or force majeure, strikes or other labor activities, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time. If you are required to spend additional night(s), you will be responsible for your own hotel, transfers and meal costs. Cedez Travel Agency shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience or injury to Passenger(s) or group members as a result of a breach of contract, act or omission whether willful or negligent, criminal or otherwise of any person other than Cedez Travel Agency or its direct employees, including but not limited to these Suppliers, their employees, agents, servants, or representatives. You understand that any legal recourse is against the specific provider not Cedez Travel Agency.

Cedez Travel Agency does not have the authority to make any warranty or representation applied or otherwise regarding third party supplier standards. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by the travel service providers.


Price quotes are not guaranteed until a deposit is submitted by the client by the deadline deemed by the Supplier.

All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Payment of a deposit enables us to hold a reservation for you but with certain travel products does not guarantee the final price. In that case, the price can only be guaranteed once the required payment has been received by the Supplier based on their terms and conditions. We will advise you of the date that full payment is required. Upon providing us of your payment information, you are authorizing us to make the payment arrangements with the corresponding Suppliers on your behalf.

We reserve the right to refuse personal checks and cash as a method of payment. After full payment, the conditions of the contract with your Supplier may permit them to increase the cost of your arrangements. We will notify you of the price change increase as we become aware. A package, changes in transportation costs including the cost of fuel, taxes, fees and exchange rates mean that the price of your travel arrangements may change after you have paid in full.

Credit Card Payments – We accept payment by most credit cards, as determined by the Supplier. Deposits and Balance payments can be made by credit or debit card.
Payment Processing Receipts – Payments will be submitted directly to the travel supplier and once accepted, the Client will receive a receipt via email.
Roommate Payments – Roommates must complete separate registration forms and submit their deposits at the same time in order to secure a reservation. Once the Reservation For Approval is completed and deposit is accepted by the Supplier each roommate can make separate payments. It is the responsibility of all clients included in the reservation to insure that their fellow roommates are making payments in order to avoid having the reservation occupancy rate being adjusted to match the number of travelers occupying the room or cancelled. In the case of one or more of the roommates forfeiture, the remaining roommate(s) are responsible for paying the difference in price for the new adjusted occupancy rate. A summary of all roommate’s payments are located on your invoice.


Cedez Travel Agency and/or Suppliers may charge a fee in order to change the name on a reservation when allowed; it is the responsibility of the traveler to make sure that the names are correct before approving the reservation.


The Client will be responsible for any Additional taxes and surcharges that cannot be pre-collected which may be charged locally by car rental agencies, hotels and/or other suppliers.


Flight times and seat assignments are solely at the discretion of the airlines.

The passenger tickets received from the airline, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and passenger(s). Airfares, where used, are subject to change without notice. Please reconfirm your flights at least 24 hours prior to departure.


Additional fees for baggage may apply. Please contact your airline or refer to its website for detailed information regarding their cabin and checked baggage policies. Personal items remain your responsibility and risk at all times.

All airlines tickets are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed after the date of purchase. Post-purchase price increases may be applied due to additional costs imposed by a supplier or government. Cedez Travel Agency may charge a fee in addition to the supplier price increase to offset increased fees, fuel surcharges, taxes, and fluctuations in foreign exchange markets or any combination thereof. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions hereby consent you to any post-purchase price increases and authorize Cedez Travel Agency to charge the credit card on file for such additional amounts.


You are solely responsible for complying with passport and visa requirements for international travel. Please check that your passport is valid at least 6 months past the last day of the trip or obtain a new passport in a timely manner in order to submit passport information no later than one week before the Final Payment due date. Multiple consecutive blank visa pages within your passport are required in many cases (the number of pages required varies depending on the destination(s)). It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid travel documentation, including but not limited to passports and visas, which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities at every destination. You are responsible for confirming with the United States Department of State or representative government agency of the country to which you are traveling to confirm the requirements for visas and/or other requirements for admission to your destination. The client will be responsible for ANY costs incurred as a result of documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities. A government issued ID is required for travel within the USA; however, depending on the State of departure or arrival, a passport may be required instead of a valid US driver’s license.

Check with the U.S. Department of State website for the latest passport and visa requirements.

Cedez Travel Agency requires that Client’s Passport number, date of issue, expiration date, and all other pieces of data from the passport ID page to be submitted to our Agency no later than one week before the Final Payment due date. For reservations made on or after the supplier’s final payment date, the passport information is due at time of booking. This information is required for all international trips and is only shared with suppliers or when required by local authorities.


It is your responsibility to become informed about the most current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the U.S. State Department’s travel website at travel.state.gov.


It is your responsibility to be in compliance with Health Regulations for all countries you are visiting. Some countries may require proof of inoculation and/or vaccination certificates; such certificates should be in your possession throughout your entire trip. Cedez Travel Agency recommends that you consult with a physician and/or the CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) at www.cdc.gov.


Travel documents cannot be transferred to another person to use. All airline tickets must be issued in the name of the passport/photo identity holder. An incorrect name on a booking may result in an inability to use that booking and the booking being cancelled. Any errors in names, dates and timings may result in an inability to use that booking and the booking being cancelled. Any errors in names, dates and timings on your documentation will be your responsibility if not advised at the time of booking.

Traveling with Minors
As required by Supplier’s terms and conditions, all minors traveling without both parents or legal guardian(s), in addition to their passport or certified birth certificate and ID, must provide written, notarized consent from the minor’s biological non-attending parent(s) or legal guardian(s). It is the Client’s responsibility to contact the Supplier and insure the proper documents are provided prior to the traveler’s departure date.

When a Visa is required for certain international travel, it is the traveler’s responsibility to insure the proper documents are submitted on time and a visa is obtained prior to the traveler’s departure date.

Cruise Travel Documentation Requirements
U.S. Citizens on closed-loop cruises (cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port) and travel to destinations in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Bermuda are able to re-enter the United States with proof of citizenship other than a passport or passport card. Acceptable proof of citizenship includes an original or certified copy of a government issued birth certificate (raised seal and signature) ANDa laminated government issued picture ID (typically, driver’s license), Consular Report of Born Abroad Certificate, or a Certificate of Naturalization. NOTE: Baptismal records and certificates issued by a hospital are not acceptable.

It strongly recommended that all guests travel with a valid passport during their cruise. A passport is required to fly out of the United States to meet your ship at the next available port should you miss their scheduled embarkation in a U.S. port. Guests needing to fly to the U.S. before their cruise ends, because of medical, family, personal or business emergencies, missing a ship’s departure from a port of call, involuntary disembarkation from a ship due to misconduct, or other reasons will need a valid passport in order to return to the United States by any means other than their scheduled cruise.


Our general practice is to send documents to our customers electronically whenever possible. Cedez Travel Agency reserves the right to charge an administration fee should you make a request for such documents to be sent as a hard copy.


Policies and contractual agreements set forth by our suppliers allow them to cancel or amend bookings and we accept no liability for any changes or costs incurred that may result. Subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions, you will have the choice of accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements if one is made available by the Supplier, or canceling your booked arrangements and receiving any applicable refunds. We do not guarantee that any refunds will apply.

Cedez Travel Agency has no control over airline schedule changes and accepts no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes. It is your responsibility to check with the airline for any changes and/or cancellations with any of your confirmed travel arrangements.

If for any reason, any travel service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted, your remedy lies against the provider, and not against Cedez Travel Agency.

Please be aware that most travel bookings are non-refundable and changes or cancellations to reservations will incur charges. These charges can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking, regardless of whether travel has commenced. Where we incur any liability for a cancellation fee or charge for any booking which you cancel, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of that fee or charge.


It is the traveler’s responsibility to insure they are able to attend and capable of paying for the event, along with any costs not included in the price of the reservation i.e. airfare, meals, activities etc.


Travel insurance protection is Strongly Recommended. As your travel agent, Cedez Travel Agency has a professional responsibility to recommend the purchase of travel protection to protect both you and your vacation. While we do offer coverage through certain carriers, we cannot compare all the policies or companies currently available. This responsibility rests solely with you and we advise you to do your research and find coverage that best fits your individual needs. Travelers should seriously consider purchasing travel cancellation insurance in order to protect their investment.

By declining travel protection, you acknowledge and accept liability for any cancellation penalties, damages and/or out-of-pocket expenses incurred. You also acknowledge and accept responsibility for arranging and paying for any treatment in case of a medical emergency while traveling. Please note that if you decline this type of coverage, you have waived your right to this important coverage and your confirmation will note “declined” next to the Travel Protection section of your confirmation.

We urge you to read your policy when it arrives as it contains important information. This information includes, but is not limited to, details on the extent of coverage and procedures for making a claim. Cedez Travel Agency is not able to give detailed advice with regard to possible cancellations and any associated claims processing. Cedez Travel Agency does not own your insurance provider and has no responsibility for the submission, payment or adjustment of any insurance claims.

Requests for service under the policy must be filed directly with the travel insurance provider. All queries regarding cancellation, penalties, coverage should be directed to your travel insurance provider. Cedez Travel Agency is not responsible for and shall not be liable for claims processing, policy coverage, or the outcome of any claims.


Requests can be made but are not guaranteed. Hotel room location and bedding are the sole discretion of the hotel.


The Terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by Cedez Travel Agency at any time without notice. It is therefore essential that you consult the Terms and Conditions prior to making each and every booking, particularly in order to ensure what provisions are in operation in case they have changed since the last time an order was placed by you.


In providing Travel and Consulting Services to our Clients, Cedez Travel Agency may collect and process personal data (including names, contact details, passport numbers, credit card details, travel preferences and dietary requirements) relating to the Customer and/or the person for whom the Customer is making travel arrangements in order to make bookings for Travel Services with Third Party Suppliers. Cedez Travel Agency may transfer to, and store personal data both inside and outside the USA and the European Economic Area as required to book Client’s travel arrangements.

Personal data about the Client and any Passengers for whom the Client is making travel arrangements can be found in the Client’s registered account.

All Clients agree that Cedez Travel Agency may transfer the Customer’s data (including personal data) to Third Party Suppliers and that any use of such data by the Third Party Suppliers will be in accordance with their terms and conditions and outside of Cedez Travel Agency’s control.


Cedez Travel Agency has the right to amend the terms and conditions whenever deemed necessary.

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