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We traveled with a group of greater than 20 people! We received text messages when others from another city arrived at the airport, we received detailed updates leading up to our trip and the payment link was secure and convenient. More importantly, Cedric was available for questions concerning any and everything, from concerns about my expiring passport to ensuring we packed enough insect repellent!! Prior to being introduced to Cedez Travel, I’ve had the same agent for 10 years. She’s a great agent, however, it’s similar to moving from business to first class. It’s just that extra attention that makes the experience that much better! I look forward to booking my future vacations with Cedez Travel!!

Venita Stewart


Cedez Travel is the best at communicating when it comes to choosing a destination, booking the trip, making payments, providing answers to questions and detailed information about your trip before the trip, and post check-up after the trip! You can pretty much say Cedez Travel covers the WHOLE nine when it comes to vacationing. I was very pleased with my travel arrangements through Cedez Travel and I will definitely be traveling through them again!!!

Amy M.


I never thought I would cross the Big Pond (Atlantic Ocean) or any other ocean in my lifetime. Unfortunately I sleep when I fly and missed the experience of flying over the ocean! LOL I loved Europe, traveling to Spain, then to Italy and back to Spain. I loved the people’s interaction with one another ( I’m a people person). The differences in their countries and our’s was amazing! When you’ve lived in one place (so to speak) and then go to another you are amazed that you thought every place was the same as your’s. The bottom line is, I had a wonderful time and the memories with stay with me forever. I can’t wait to set out on my next adventure, which by the way, I’m already planning. Thank you Cedez Travel for the memories!

Beverly M.


Cedric and Cedez Travel were phenomenal. They were very hands-on every step of the travel journey from beginning to end. The level of communication and attentiveness to our desires were impeccable.

Kristie Elmore


Thank you so much for your professionalism and help with planning THEE best trip ever!

Dieadra Q.

5 Star!

Thank you so much for your 5 Star services!

Angela F.


My experiences with Cedez Travel has been nothing less than awesome. Cedric has been wonderful with making sure that all needs were met, as far as flight, hotel, and comfort level. I will always use Cedez Travel in the future. They make traveling fun and hassle-free.

John Joseph Lee Jr


They’re the only agent we use for our girls trips because they make it super easy for a group with webpage of trip details, easy payments, and helping us every step of the way. He even texted me at 5am before my flight to tell me it was on time and let me know when the other girls were landing! Customer service can’t be beat. Why use an agent? When everyone is busy, why waste your time surfing multiple websites and destinations when they do all the work for you. When things aren’t going smoothly (like me not updating my passport) – Cedez Travel was there every step of the way, always available with solutions. We’ve been using Cedez Travel for years and they’re our only go-to agent we recommend.

Catherine Sneed

Awesome Travel Agent!

Working with Cedric was amazing! He went above and beyond to help us get ready for our trip(s). YES, I have used his services every time I travel. Truly great person to assist anyone with their travel needs!

Dauwn Locke

Always Awesome!!!

When my family and friends want to travel, we automatically include Cedez Travel. They take care of every detail and I really appreciate the personal attention that is given. Cedez Travel has helped us have some of the most memorable moments. Thank you and we look forward to our next traveling adventure!!!

The Dobbins Family

Marcia Dobbins

My Only Call for Travel Inquiries

This beautiful photograph of the Cathedral of Granada in Nicaragua was possible thanks to the amazing accommodations that Desiree made for me and my friend Jolie during our trip to Nicaragua. Our hotel was a short 5 minute walk away from the central square and was amazingly comfortable while still being in our budget. The 3 days we spent there would not have been as memorable without the recommendations we got from Cedez. They are the only travel agents I will use!

Kayla Carson

Best Travel Agent

I have worked with many travel agents, but never have I worked with someone as professional, and prompt as Cedric. He responds to emails and phone calls quickly, and is always patient, and unbeat. He is very well traveled, and has his finger on the pulse. Since my initial trip with Cedric, I have decided to work with him to put together subsequent trips. Because of his extensive travel experiences, Cedric is able to tell you exactly what to expect when you arrive in different cities/countries! I trust his recommendations, and I enjoy working with him!!

Kisha Quinn

Fantastic Trip

Desiree did a fantastic job of providing various prices and options for land and air travel and hotels for our first trip to Europe. She even helped us figure out what cities/countries to visit. We had a jammed packed itinerary that seemed daunting, but she made it work. Thank you, Dez.

David Wingert

Delete all previous travel agent contacts.

CAN YOU SAY RESPONSIVE, RESPONSIVE, RESPONSIVE!!! I can’t begin to say enough about Cedez Travel, I would give them 10 stars if I could as I have used Cedez Travel to book multiple trips to include, individual, family, and large group travel. The attention to detail was superb. Cedric provided Red Carpet customer service from start to finish. He made my job as group leader (for a group of 25 meticulous women traveling from 11 U.S. cities) a complete breeze! At first we were undecided and Cedric went to work and researched and presented multiple options and countries based upon our desires, budget, and timeframe. He created a customized group link and presented each destination with a clickable link with prices and details that included property ratings/amenities, on site restaurants, excursions, and even local weather. This allowed everyone to access the link and review properties at their leisure. He managed the collection of down payments/final payments, roommates, and coordinating flights to maximize togetherness. As group leader I was given access to see important details, but I didn’t need it much as Cedric provided constant updates. He coordinated special requests, restaurant reservations, group spa time, and excursions. Once the group was in active travel status, Cedric provided up to date info on delayed and on time flights to all 25 ladies (individually). He was literally traveling with you. On one trip I arrived like at 3a.m. due to delays and when I turned on my phone, there was a text from Cedric saying “Jarens, I see you just arrived, welcome home, drive safe, and get some rest”. Never have I had a travel agent provide that level of customer service. Everyone and I mean even the pickiest ladies in our group (who are never satisfied), praised Cedric’s professionalism and thoroughness.
Obviously, Cedric is well traveled and his multi-cultural experiences provide a wealth of information to enhance your destination decision making and your in country enjoyment. On a cruise Cedric booked for me, he advised us of the best beachfront property/restaurant (by name) to have the taxi take us to with the best food and reasonably priced accommodations. We were already ahead of everyone else when we stepped off the ship because we knew exactly where we were going. And of course it was the best location and we got prime beach seating before all the chairs/umbrella’s sold out. I’ve never met Cedric in person, but I consider him a virtual family member! He’s definitely a keeper!

Jarens Banks

Graduation Trip to PUNTA CANA!!

Where do I begin??? Our oldest son was graduating from college and we all decided to take the celebration to the Dominican Republic!!! I was referred to Cedez by a friend and it has been THE BEST referral thus far!! Awesome does not begin to describe our experience in working with Cedez. We were traveling in a large party, most of whom had never traveled outside of the country. Cedez made our trip seamless, we had the best accommodations and Cedric was always available, whether it was answering our many questions or just checking on us to make sure that we were okay. We had a WONDERFUL trip, and created memories to last a lifetime.

Professional, down to earth, caring, concerned and knowledgeable, not only will we be using them for all of our travels, but I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Lakisha Samuels
Proud mother of Quentin Samuels, Electrical Engineer, Georgia Institute of Technology!!!

Lakisha Samuels

Incredible Duo!

Cedez Travel is amazing! Professional, very detailed oriented, knowledgeable and caring. I can’t imagine working with any other agency from here on out. First class service!

The search for the perfect resort to the presentation of selections and the booking process was perfect! The customer care was top notch. They even have a mobile app!! “You gotta be kidding me” … I felt safe and watched as we received multiple text messages making us aware that they knew our status updates on all things came travel day!

Cedez, THANK YOU for an amazing 32nd Birthday experience!

Ashlee & Edric

Ashlee Montgomery

Graduation Group

My family booked a cruise for the 2018 graduates in the family to celebrate. Some booked with Cedez Travel and others booked with another company. When we found out that we wouldn’t be sitting together for dinner I called Cedez Travel and told him the situation and within hours he had the problem solved. We had a wonderful time celebrating our graduates and we look forward to booking more vacations with Cedez Travel.

Shea Peet

We Love Cedez Travel Agency!!

Just as the heading indicates our family absolutely LOVES Cedez Travel Agency!

From start to finish Cedez Travel Agency helped our family to plan and execute a graduation surprise cruise for our son and additional family members. Our expectations were exceeded in each and every milestone of the trip. Cedez Travel is so personable and extremely professional. They were always available to answer questions and to provide thoughtful guidance in travel planning.

They cultivated our trip with each participant from our travel party in mind. Our group had a mixture of past cruisers and new cruisers and with that said it was extremely important that each participant be handled with care both collectively and individually. Cedez Travel saw too just that and so much more. Their attention to detail is STELLAR. We could not be any more pleased with our overall experience. In fact, we are all overjoyed and still talk about what a lovely experience we had! Personally, I absolutely love the smartphone travel app, it is top notch!! It is so convenient to have all of travel itinerary information that is associated with your trip housed in one location and accessible on your smartphone.

Our family looks forward too many more travel experiences with Cedez Travel Agency.
We wish we could have added 10 plus more stars to this review.
Thank you so much for making this memory so special for our family!!!

Rhonda Fields

Magnificent Service

First, Thank you so much for your time and attention during our trip. Keeping us informed and securing our time in DR meant a lot. With me taking the lead on the trip and with your impeccable information, it made my job easy keeping everyone on track. I have referred your information to my friends and my dermatologist 🙂

Since we met in Mexico we have formed a great business relationship, now I consider you guys family. I will only use Cedez Travel for all of my vacations.

I cannot wait to plan my next trip. Have a great summer and I am looking forward to working with you soon.

Kelly Wise

Kelly Wise

Fabulous vacation and AMAZING service!

We just returned from our first trip to Croatia and we cannot stop raving about the level of service and attention we got from Cedez Travel. They recommended hotels that were absolutely beautiful and we received gold star personalized service everywhere we went. All of the transfers and transportation was arranged so we had no worries or hiccups. The GoSiteSee app Cedez provided gave us all the information we needed and was a great resource. Perhaps best of all, we received texts from Cedez while at the airport about delays and flight status that kept us fully informed – we had more information than the United Airlines gate agent. We recommend Croatia (especially Dubrovnik and Split) and we highly recommend working with Cedez Travel.

Patti Foster

Great Trip to Punta Cana!

I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Punta Cana, DR thanks to Cedric. I’ve been planning this trip for some time now and it was nothing short of amazing. Cedric kept my friend and I updated along the way before, during and even at the end of our trip. His text messages, recommended apps and guidance were most helpful. I can’t wait to travel again in the near future!

Kimberly Exford

GREAAAAT Travel Agent…High level of Service and Professional!

My friend’s and I have gone on numerous trips using Cedez Travel as our travel agents and will continue to do so. They handle your trip with such attention and great customer service. In terms of service, they are the Ritz Carlton of travel agents. I highly recommend!

Skye Burch

Best Travel Agent!!!!

This was my very first experience using a Travel Agent to book my own personal trip. I was not disappointed with the service. Cedric is very attentive and is ALWAYS AVAILABLE. I was a little nervous about traveling out of the country but Cedric made it such a smooth process. My husband is already asking “Where are we going next”. I will definitely be using Cedez Travel again again. Thank you Cedric for everything!

Stephanye W

They treat you like family!

I have now been on 2 vacations booked with Cedez Travel. This company truly cares about your experience and they will go above and beyond to meet your needs. Payments are fast, easy, and secure! They were always willing to assist and available to answer any questions by call, text, and email. You will receive text messages throughout your travels and upon my most recent trip, we were provided a link to a personalized app. This application included all of our flight and accommodation information, an SOS section, travel documents, maps, links to tons of tours and activities, an itinerary, and sent out flight updates. I was quite nervous for my first international trip and Cedez Travel surely took all of my anxiety away. I am already looking into a 3rd trip! Better than any other company I’ve worked with!


The BEST..

Having utilized many travel agencies in the past, Cedez Travel Agency is the BEST! In researching the BEST vacation, at the BEST location, at the BEST time and at the BEST price, no other agency has been more knowledgeable, honest and patient. Give Cedez Travel Agency a try… I am confident that you will agree with me.

Gee Thompson

A travel agency that actually travels and has the experience to share!

Cedez Travel changed my entire travel experience from the beginning to end! They are patient, knowledgeable, experienced and fun! They are always excited about the trip and I never feel overwhelmed while planning. I travel with ease because they have supported all of my changes, questions and indecisiveness. I look forward to sharing many moments with them as they help my family explore the world!

Thank you for being so awesome!

Ashlee & Edric

Service Above the Rest

We recently used Cedez Travel for our 25th Anniversary Trip to Cabo. They were with us every step of the way. Most travel agents dump you once the trip is paid for. Cedez Travel followed up with us prior to our trip to make sure we had filled out the appropriate forms, apps, etc. to make our Cabo trip easier. We received greetings on the day of our trip and updates on weather and flight plans. To make it even more special, Cedez had an anniversary note delivered to our room. On our return from vacation day, we received the same level of service as the day of departure. Phenomenal service was definitely delivered.

W.R. Manuel

Awesome Travel Agency!!!

A+ for Cedez Travel Agency. I went on my first cruise last month, and traveled via airplane to Orlando, Florida. Transporation to Cocoa Beach Florida, was waiting for me when I arrived, then off to my hotel, very close to the Cocoa Beach pier. I had a lovely view from my balcony, and was surrounded by places to eat, and shops for souvenirs. We stayed over and boarded a shuttle bus to Port Canveral to board our cruise ship (Awesome). All of my accommodations airfare/hotel/shuttle bus to and from cruise were arranged by Cedez Travel Agency. I flew from my home state and Desiree/Cedric kept track of all my travel and accomodations, by texting me to make sure I had arrived safely. I utilized their convenient app, to look up my flight schedule and shuttle schedules. On the cruise we sailed to Amber Cove, Dominican and Grand Turks, our days at sea were wonderful. We received a courtesy pack of water from Cedez (Awesome) We also got a message to enjoy our cruise. On the way back I boarded the shuttle for the airport set up by Cedez Travel and made it to the Orlando airport. I received text messages from Desiree to let me know that my flight back to my home state had been delayed for a few hours. I loved my seating on the airplanes to and from Orlando’s airport, and without a doubt will utilize Cedez Travel Agency for my out of state and out of the country travel needs in the future.
Thanks Desiree & Cedric
You all are #1

Connie Stanton

Awesome Trip

Well I must say Cedez Travel did an awesome job on our cruise to the Dominican Republic!! Had an Awesome time!!!

Theresa Payne

Travel Agency….Our saving Grace

We worked with Cedez Travel for the planning of the 30th anniversary of the year that our line crossed. It was a pleasure working with Cedric from the beginning. He was very attentive and provided us with prompt responses and helped to attend to all of our needs. He had to work overtime when our original plans for travel to the Dominican Republic changed with only 30 days until departure. He worked with us to help us find a new destination. He worked with the supplier to help us avoid as many fees as possible and was concerned for each and everyone one of us. He wanted to ensure that we all had a great time and could enjoy the trip. The level of service he provided on the day of travel letting us know if anyone would be experiencing any delays was fabulous. I highly recommend them for any of your travel needs.

Cydni Rice

Best Experience Ever

My family had the greatest Experience working with Cedez Travel! Cedric was very knowledgable and patient with our group and was there to lead and guide us EVERY step of the way. I can’t wait to book another trip!

Juanitra Moore